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Characterisation of Leachate and Its Impact on the Quality of Ground Water Nearby Lnadfill Sites of Kathmandu Valley
Rashmita Shakya, Basant Giri, Mohan Bahadur Dangi

Last modified: 2017-09-18



Rashmita Shakya, M.Sc. 4th sem. Central Department of Environmental Science,

Dr. Basant Giri, Scientist and Director of International Relation, Kathmandu Institute of Applied Sciences,

Dr. Mohan Bd. Dangi, California State University, Fresco


The landfill site leachate may impact nearby water sources. In this work, we studied physico-chemical characterstics of leachate and the surface water samples collected from Sisdol landfill site (current landfill site), Gokarna landfill site (closed landfill site) and Sundarighat river corridor (former dump). Sample collection started from March 14 and composite samples were collected from each of the study area with two weeks interval time difference. All of the samples were examined for pH, Cl-, TDS, TSS, total hardness, total alkalinity, BOD, COD, total ammonia, nitrate, inorganic phosphate and iron on the basis of the procedure given by APHA, 1988. High value of BOD (601.8mg/L,621.1mg/L and 352.7m/L), COD (52216.6mg/L, 62450mg/L and 55250mg/L), Cl-(7182.6mg/L, 1136.6mg/L and 1751.5mg/L), alkalinity (15466.6mg/L, 2400mg/L and 1825mg/L) and TDS (12726.6mg/L, 447.1mg/L and 1070mg/L) were recorded from all three landfill sites. Most of the parameters exceeded the guideline value given by WHO, NDWQS, Nepal Water Quality Guidelines for Irrigation Water and Aquaculture.

Keywords: solid waste, dumping site, surface water, leachate, water quality index

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