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Forest Atlas mapping and Spatial database creation for Chure region showing forest management modalities
Rabindra Maharjan, Raj Kumar Rimal, Laxman Gautam, Hem Lal Aryal, Him Lal Shrestha

Last modified: 2017-08-28


Chure - Terai Madesh Conservation Development Board is working in various sector of Chure development which includes the holistic development of Terai, Inner-Terai, Madhesh and Churia region as it is understood as the landscape approach of the ecosystem conservation and development.

The recent development of the Chure Development Board is to develop the Master Plan for the Chure -Terai Madhesh conservation. The Master Plan for Chure-Terai Madhesh emphasize on the watershed conservation, forestry development, ecosystem services, biodiversity conservation, Trees outside forests, river system management, Alternate energy development, disaster management, scientific management of the natural resources, control forest and land encroachment livelihood enhancement, climate change adaptation which of course enhance the healthy and robust ecosystem and ultimately support to the quality livelihood support. Department of Forests is focusing mainly on the forestry development in Nepal through implementation of the policy and interventions set by the government in forestry sector.

Production of Forest Atlas incorporates the Forest management modalities in Nepal including community forest, leasehold forests, collaborative forests, protection forest, protected areas, religious forests and government managed forests, integrated watershed management and river system management and relevant base information i.e. geology, soil, forest cover, settlement/populated areas, slope and aspects, road networks. Department of Forests thus aimed to develop Forest Atlas considering all the basic layers and thematic layers which keeps records on the recent attempts on forest management and also guide for the future pathways to the better forest management at district level and the recently declared local level administrative bodies i.e. Gaupalika and Municipality.

The Forest Atlas focuses to map forest cover, forest management modalities and local level admin in 31 districts of Chure areas. The aim of Forest Atlas is to provide spatial information to the forest manager and watershed practitioners which may be useful for the future management of the forests and the ecosystem from watershed point of view.

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