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Climate change impacts and understanding of local community along Koshi Highway, Eastern Nepal
Sabitri Rai, Sadhana Pradhanang, Ngamindra Dahal

Last modified: 2017-08-25


This study intends to assess trend and people’s perception on temperature and precipitation in the Koshi Highway of Eastern Nepal by analyzing the time series of temperature, precipitation and direct field surveys. Trend analysis is analysed and quantified by using the Mann-Kendall trend analysis and Sen’s slope. Total seven stations (Terhathum, Chainpur, Pakhribas, Dhankuta, Dharan, Tarahara, Biratnagar) were taken for precipitation and temperature. Altogether 175 respondents were taken by convenience non probability sampling along 30 key informant interviews (KII) and seven focus group discussions (FGDs). The trend of mean annual maximum except Dharan (-0.0034 ºC/yr) and Tarahara (-0.004ºC/yr) has increased and similarly, minimum temperature except Chaipur (-0.14 ºC/yr) has increased. The trend of mean annual temperature has increased for all station except Chainpur (-0.06 ºC/yr). Similarly, annual precipitation has decreased in Chainpur (-2.238mm/yr), Pakhribas (-1.719mm/yr), Dhankuta (-4.412mm/yr), Dharan(-8.683mm/yr), Biratnagar (-5.717mm/yr/) except Terhathum (0.768mm/yr) and Tarahara (4.403mm/yr). The seasonal trend shows increase in trend in precipitation in pre-monsoon season and decrease in monsoon (except Terhathum and Tarahara station), post monsoon and winter. The trend revealed that the temperature is increasing along decreased amount of precipitation. Findings revealed that local community in the study area have perceived the changes in environment, weather and climate in particular like high temperature, drought, erratic rainfall, warm winter and drying of wells. The people’s perception was positively correlated with climate data. Findings revealed that the threat of climate change is profound on agriculture, water supply and human health.

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