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Distribution and association of Cycas pectinata in Bajho, Ilam
Bimala Mainali, Dinesh Raj Bhuju

Last modified: 2017-08-24


Cycads are one of the world’s oldest and most threatened plant groups of family Cycadaceae, distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Cycas pectinata is one of the vulnerable plant species of Nepal listed in Appendix II, distributed in eastern part of Nepal in Chure region. The research was carried out to map the distribution status of Cycas pectinata, assess the community association and the potential threats to Cycas pectinata in the Bajho, Ilam. Purposive quadrates of radius 5m was laid down in which 11 plants were recorded. The DBH and height of the tree were also noted using DBH meter and measuring tape respectively. The tree species inside the quadrate were noted to determine the community association.  HHs survey, KII, and FGD were conducted to assess potential threats to Cycas pectinata. From the analysis, the habitat area of Cycas pectinata was mostly found in Tindobhan. Maximum number of Cycas pectinata were observed in Southwest and Southeast aspect at slope <10 degree, near to natural sources of water at an elevation of 274m-383m. The tallest individual of plant recorded was of height 3.1m and the largest diameter was 26cm but there was low positive relation between height and diameter. Community association shows that Shorea robusta was the most dominant tree species of the study area with IVI value 97.52. Forest fire, deforestation, over-harvesting, habitat loss, landslides, and lack of awareness among people were the major causes of threats to Cycas pectinata.


Keywords: Cycads, distribution, association, threats


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