Mountains in the Chaning World, Mountains in the Chaning World

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Binod Prasad Parajuli

Last modified: 2017-08-24



Flood is common global disaster and downstream community is at increased risk due to it. Flood risk communication is therefore important to decrease potential flood risk events and help community to adapt and mitigate the risk. The study is transboundary one form Nepal to West Champaran, Bihar and hence focused to identify information dissemination at the national, district and local level to the community level and advise the possible efficient way of flood information dissemination based on combined work of policy review and field work. Institutional mapping along with schedule survey, KII and FGD were performed for data collection. Studies reveal that there are many gaps and challenges at different level as the messages passes from upper level to lower through different mediums. Also, it was found that official flood risk communication strategies in both of the countries adopted "top-down" approach of communication with low community participation.  Most of the agencies focused only on sending flood warning information to the communities in generalized way without considering the local and external drivers leading to increased risk. Furthermore, the authorities involved in flood risk management are focused mostly on providing some minor support during the flooding. With so many institutions at place, there is nothing clear division of roles and responsibilities of each authority for effective information communication on flood risk. In some cases, issues and responsibility was found overlapping while in some cases no one seemed to take the responsibility of certain issue solely.

Keywords: Flood Risk Communication, West Champaran, Transboundary

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