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Gravity and Muscle Force Operated Surface Rope-way for Mountain Alternative Transportation Sustainability
Lok Bahadur Baral, Jeevan Jyoti Nakarmi, Khem Narayan Poudyal, Aristotelious Naniopoulos, Dimitrios Nalpantis

Last modified: 2017-08-27


Gravitational potential energy (GPE) is a freely available enormous natural renewal energy source which can be harvested and used for different purposes in mountains by utilizing its elevation. Suitable prototypes (small one installed on walking board and the bigger one installed on the small mountain slope of 1m width trail and 18m long) of CASWAT-G (Circulating Cable Supported Up-Down Walking Technology by Using Gravity) were developed which can simultaneously harvest and use gravity (i.e. GPE) from users for its operation. CASWAT-G ropeway machine (gravity harvester) harvests gravity from body weight of users. A part of harvested gravity from descending person (DP) is utilized to pull the ascending person up. The efficiency of the CASWAT-G ropeway machine is found to be 83.28 %. This gravity harvester is efficient, simple, cheap (Nrs 2000/m), eco-friendly (emissionless, uses small trail and the system can be installed without cutting trees) and requires minimum leg muscle force for easy up-down walking. Beside gravity and leg muscle force no external force (i.e. energy) is used to operate the machine. Successful tests of prototypes in several small hill slopes showed the practical use of it for contributing the sustainable livelihood of the people in mountainous areas through providing transportation accessibility. This system can act as an alternative sustainable public transportation mean which is useful for mountain tourism (trekking and climbing) too with negligible environmental impact.

Keywords: Gravitational potential energy, gravity harvester, CASWAT-G ropeway machine, rope supported up-down walking, sustainable ropeway transportation.

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