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Farmers view on climate change: Rupandehi district
Kapil Khanal

Last modified: 2017-08-28


The average rise in temperature of our lowlands are 0.020C whereas the average rise in temperature in the mountains is 0.080 C while the national average for the rise in temperature is 0.060C. The global hunger index of Nepal was 22.2 (IFPRI,2015). The share of agriculture in GDP is 27.8% (CBS, 2016). The share of Nepal in global greenhouse gas emission is estimated to be only 0.025% but ranks 4th in climate change vulnerability which requires us to be climate smart with three outcomes of increased productivity, enhanced resilience and reduced emissions. Three communities of three VDCs of Rupandehi district were selected for study. A semi structured questionnaire and secondary data were used in our study. Rainfall of Bharrahwa is in decreasing trend (1.944mm/year) whereas temperature was in increasing trend (max. temp. by 0.0150C and min. 0.0610C/year) over the period of 30 years (1984-2013 AD). In general there is increase in the yield of cereal crops where the yield of pulses, legumes and vegetables was found to be declining. Local farmers have practiced some sort of adaptation strategies both knowingly or unknowingly that help to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The yield of cereals was found to be increased by more than 25% whereas in case of pulses, vegetables and legumes the production has gone below the subsistence level. CSA strategies as RV, IPM, hybrid varieties are being gradually adopted by the farmers. Community awareness meetings and subsidy in agricultural implements are urgently required by the farmers. The lack of adequate knowledge and appropriate adaptation strategies and low investment by governmental and nongovernmental organizations to cope with the climate change has increased the vulnerability and susceptibility to the changing climate in our agriculture system, and there is a need to address about the suitable adaptation strategies to climate change in the study area.

Key-words: Climate change, farmers, temperature

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