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Vegetation diversity and evenness variation along with altitudinal gradient in Hamedan province rangelands in Iran
mahdieh tavakoli, mostafa malecky

Last modified: 2017-08-28


Altitude is an important determinant of ecological conditions in mountain ecosystem. Diversity of vegetation is one of the most important indicators of rangelands, which itself is affected by different ecological factors. The present study aimed to assess the changes in vegetation at an altitudinal gradient over a period of three months in part of Hamedan rangelands. For this purpose, three altitudinal gradients, including low altitude (1800-1900 masl), mid altitude (2200-2300 masl) and high altitude (2600-2700 masl) were selected and sampling was conducted 5 times with a 21-days intervals. The diversity indices of Shannon-Weiner, Simpson diversity, Simpson and the evenness index of Pylo were calculated to evaluate the changes in vegetation along the altitudinal gradients. Results revealed that most of the estimated indices vary along with altitudinal gradient (P < 0.05), as the highest diversity and the evenness were recorded at mid- and high-altitude respectively. Species diversity was declined after an early increase at low altitude, the same trend was observed for diversity index at high altitude, but with a delay. Evenness changed moderately along with altitudinal gradient. It is highly important to further explore altitudinal influence in vegetation pattern in order to achieve effective conservation of biodiversity.

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