Mountains in the Chaning World, Mountains in the Chaning World

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Keshab Raj Pant

Last modified: 2017-08-29


Keshab Raj Pant 1 and Rashila Deshar, 2

1 Nepal Engineering College, Pokhara University, Nepal.

2 Central Department of Environment Science, TU,Nepal


To explore the status of governance in Community Forestry (CF) user groups (CFUGs) in Far- Western Terai region of Nepal, three community forest user groups and one community forest coordination committee (CFCC) were selected from Kailali and Kanchanpur districts considering ethnicity, gender, size of households and accessibility. Eight criteria and forty three local indicators were employed to explore the governance status of CF. Direct observation; key informant’s survey, focus group discussion and household interview with questionnaire format were used to collect the primary data where secondary data were collected from operational plan of CFUGs and other published literatures. Simple mathematical procedures were used to analyze the data. The study findings show that overall governance level starts from 67.9% for Accountability to the 77.71% for transparency. While lowest individual score received 57% for “effectiveness and efficiency†in women managed CF and highest individual score received 91.66% for “inclusion and equity†in Bandevi CF. This paper highlights the difference in good governance in women managed CF and other mixed managed CF.  women managed CF received more score in transparency (81.66%) and responsiveness (80%), which shows that the fairness in responsibility in  woman managed CF as well as their executive committee was more responsive to their users and disadvantage groups. It also observed that highest level of transparency in CFUGs achieved when there is more inclusive participation in executive committee of CFUGs.



Community Forestry, Accountability, Transparency, Gender


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