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Monkey Crop Depredation Outside Protected Area in Nepal; Costs, Conditions and Perceptions
Ganesh Paudel

Last modified: 2017-07-14


Human-wildlife conflict outside the protected area has remained as a less focused issue in Nepal.  Programs and policies of the government and other conservation partners focused only on the protected areas. This study was carried out in Jaidi village of Baglung district of Nepal with to aim of analyzing the crop damage scenario and people's perception regarding the crop damage. Community meetings, observation, and household survey were used to collect data from the field. A random sample of 100 households at 10% sampling intensity was surveyed by using both close and open-ended questionnaires. The annual crop damage was found to be 183.46 kg/HH/year while that the cost of damage was Rs. 7659.77/HH/year. The amount of damage was significantly different with different varieties of crops (P=0.000). Multiple linear regressions showed that amount of crop was significantly dependent on the distance from farm to the forest area (ß= -0.052, P= 0.000), water source (ß= -0.059, P= 0.000), own home (ß= 0.021, P= 0.000), and the nearby settlement (ß= 0.038, P= 0.00). People's willingness to monkey conservation is very low as more than half of the respondents said that they were not willing to conserve monkey. The willingness to monkey conservation and the extent of damage are found to be dependent. Formulating the human-monkey conflict management plan and compensation policy applicable to outside protected area is recommended.

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