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“Assessment of Variation in Selected Ecosystem Properties (Shorea robusta regeneration, leaf litter quantity and soil properties) due to Fire (A case study from Dhansar Block forest Rautahat, Nepal)"
Badri Prasad Dhungana

Last modified: 2017-08-31



The research entitled “Assessment of variation in selected ecosystem properties (Shorea robusta(Sal) regeneration, leaf litter quantity and soil properties) due to fire" deeds to assess the variation of selected ecosystem properties (seedling and sapling of Shorea robusta, leaf litter quantity and soil properties) due to fire.  Forest resource Assessment, Soil sample survey, Litter survey were used to find out the variation on selected ecosystem properties due to forest fire. The outputs of this research revealed that Fire affected area is better in the perspective of Shorea robusta regeneration but in the sense of established regeneration (saplings), the fire affected area is worse than unaffected area. Shorea robusta is higher in seedling species composition in fire affected area(75%) than fire unaffected area(68%). The quantity of leaf litter in fire unaffected area is more than 4.6 times better than affected area. The status of soil nitrogen and Organic carbon is found better than fire unaffected area but Potassium and Phosphorus is found better in fire unaffected area than affected area. Soils of both areas are acidic but affected area is slightly less acidic (pH 6.22) than fire unaffected area (pH 5.9). Forest fire positively effects on Shorea robusta seedling regeneration but negative effects on seedling establishment and sapling growth that depends on the type of forest fire.  It harmed the leaf litter and effects soil properties.

Key words: Ecosystem, Fire, soil, Regeneration, leaf litter.


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