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Resource use efficiency of potato production in Baglung, Nepal
Mahima Bajracharya

Last modified: 2017-08-31


Mahima Bajracharya and Mahesh Sapkota


Potato is the fourth most important and staple crop in hilly regions of Nepal. The various inputs in the production process are inefficiently used which led in the low production and returns from potato. This study aimed to examine the efficiency of resources used in potato production in Baglung district. The total of 120 samples were selected using simple random sampling technique from two potato pocket VDCs in 2016. The regression coefficients of each inputs using Cobb-Douglas production function were derived using Stata software. The major inputs such as labor, bullock, manure and intercultural operations were found overused and need to decrease their cost by 109, 177, 51 and 185 percent respectively for its optimum allocation. Similarly, seed was found underused and need to increase its cost by 70 percent for optimum allocation. This might be due to lack of training and extension service to farmers is study site. So, this study appeals the need of proper technical knowledge among farmers about the optimum use of resources which could help to increase production and return from potato.

Keywords: efficiency, optimum, potato, resource


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