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Drought and heat stress in late sown wheat and mitigation strategies
Ramesh Acharya, Binod Acharya

Last modified: 2017-08-31


Heat and drought stress in wheat often marked as terminal stress is one major contributing factor for yield loss in wheat. The loss in yield increases in increasing rate on late sown wheat. This particular condition is a major setback in our Nepalese condition too in wheat production. This paper here aims to review how terminal stress limits the yield i.e. how the deficit in moisture bottlenecks the production potential and how heat stress induce the abrupt senescence. Technologies developed and adopted to minimize the risk of crop failure and reduction of the yield are herein discussed from the breeding techniques involved, water saving technologies, conservation practices and management options. Hence, use of better better cultivation practice (Zero-tillage) with retention of crop residues/mulching, selection of early maturing varieties with better management practices and breeding works over identification of molecular markers for heat and drought tolerance is the future to solve the above mentioned stress.

Key words : Heat stress, moisture, conservation, molecular marker



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