Mountains in the Chaning World, Mountains in the Chaning World

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Sharmila Shrestha

Last modified: 2017-08-04


A field experiment was carried out in farmer’s field at Bhotewodar, Lamjung during rainy season 2015. The main objective of study was to find out the superior and high yielding genotypes under farmers management in upland. Four genotypes (including two varieties) were tested in Randomized Complete Block Design with five replications (farmer as a replication) with 125m2 area for a genotype (500m2 area of each farmer). Results revealed that the highest grain yield tons per hectare was obtained from Mansuli(3.61) followed by Khumal-10(3.57) and NR-10676(3.38) which were statistically at par while minimum yield was obtained from NR-10490(2.75 tons ha-1). Similarly, highest straw yield was found in NR-10676 (10.28 tons ha-1) that was statistically at par with Mansuli(9.8 tons ha-1) followed by Khumal-10 (8.48 tons ha-1) and NR-10490(5.99 tons ha-1). Mansuli produced highest numbers of effective tillers per m2 (239) followed by NR-10676(227), NR-10490(186) and Khumal-10(143). Similarly, filled grain was found maximum on NR-10490(133) and Mansuli(130) which were statistically at par with Khumal-10(101) and NR-676(100). Also phenological study showed that three genotypes NR-10676, NR-10490 and Khumal-10 were found earlier than Mansuli variety. It is concluded from the experiment and farmer’s view that, the performance of Mansuli variety was found better compared to newly introduce two genotypes and Khumal-10. Mansuli variety has good yielding potential and has preferred by the farmers in this locality, however it has high susceptibility to leaf blast, neck blast and leaf spot diseases compared to others.

Key words: Phenology, yield, diseases, variety, design


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