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Factors Affecting the Adoption of Organic Vegetable Production by Nepalese Farmers: a Case of Kavre District
Tilak Raj Chaulagai

Last modified: 2017-09-03


Organic agriculture has increased in past decades due to increasing awareness of its positive impact on health and the environment. The rate of adoption of organic farming in Nepal is observed at a much slower rate than expected. This study assesses the factors that determine adoption of organic vegetable farming by Nepalese vegetable farmers. A survey of 114 farmers was conducted in the Kavre district of Nepal, of which 73 were organic and 41 were conventional farmers. A logistic regression analysis was used to analyze the effect of 17 variables including farmers’ characteristics, farm characteristic and socio-economic factors on the adoption decision. Result suggest that better educated farmers with greater awareness of the impact of non-organic farming methods on public health and the environment are likely to adopt organic vegetable farming. Other variables that do not significantly influence the adoption decision include age, gender, participation in extension activities, number of visits to extension workers, farm size, family labor availability, affiliation to farmers’ organizations, number of organic farms in the vicinity, availability of external support, relative price perception, cost of production of organic vegetables, availability of collection centers, distance to market center, availability of external inputs and amount of organic fertilizers. A small sample size and selection of variables are the major weaknesses of this study. Future researches should consider additional important variables for better results. Policy makers should consider provision of better education and raise farmers’ awareness regarding the health and environmental benefits of organic farming to foster this sector.

Key Words – Organic farming, Adoption, Logistic Regression, Socio-economic factors, Farmer’s characteristics, Farm Characteristics


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