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Samikshya Rijal

Last modified: 2017-09-06


The research was done in Departmet of Horticulture, Institiute of Agriculture and Animal Science in Kiwi fruit to select best variety based on physico-chemical evaluation. Different varieties of kiwi fruit Hayward, Allison, Bruno and Monty were grown in Patlekhet-9, Kavre, Nepal using split plot design which was planted in north as well as south facing slopes. Physical characters like length and breadth was measured by vernier caliper while weight was taken by digital weighing machine. Likewise Total Soluble Solid (TSS) of each variety were detected using refractometer at harvest date and subsequent 4 reading were taken at 5 days of interval. Result showed that Allison has length (80.92 mm) and width of (59.16mm), Hayward with length and breadth of 76.75mm and 61.5mm respectively. Bruno with long length of 81.5mm and small diameter of 52.81mm is cylindrical while Monty is almost round having length of 65.18mm and breadth of 52.95mm. Weight of Allison on an average is more (742gm) compared to other varieties. Beside these TSS on an average at harvest date is high in Allison (10.86) followed by Hayward (8.83), Bruno (8.2) and Monty (7.35). Similarly TSS of all varieties is seems to increase with time after harvest. Similarly TSS was high in south facing slope while better size of kiwi fruit in north. Therefore Allison possessed high degree of quality attributes compared to other varieties of kiwi fruits which can be planted in hills of Nepal.

Key words: Varities, refractometer, attributes, TSS

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