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Effects of different botanical extracts on post harvest life and quality of mango (Mangifera indica L.)
Bishnu Pandey, Srijana Shrestha, Binayak Prakash Mishra, Kalyani Mishra Tripathi

Last modified: 2017-09-02


Treatment of harvested fruits with chemical pesticides for the elongation of post harvest life is a common practice among most of the mango growers of under developed and developing countries. However, the use of these chemicals has serious effects on human health. An experiment was carried out to investigate the efficacy of various botanical extracts on the maintenance of quality and elongation of shelf life of harvested mangoes cv. 'Calcuttia maldah'. Freshly harvested mature green mangoes of uniform size and weight were dipped in 50% concentration of different plant leaf extracts and stored in ambient condition (32±2ºC and 65±5 % RH).The treatments were leaf extracts from five different plants viz. chinaberry, neem, lantana, ashoka and cinnamomum while control was the other treatment. In addition, carbendazim (chemical) was also kept as a benchmark treatment. Each treatment composed of 5 mangoes and replicated thrice. For each replication destructive sample was also kept. The treatment with neem leaf extract gave the most promising result as there was minimum physiological weight loss, maximum ascorbic acid content, maximum acidity and minimum pH. Similarly, shelf life, total soluble solids, freshness and firmness were highest in neem leaf extract treated fruits next to the carbendazim treated fruits. Control was the most ineffective of all the treatment regarding all the parameters. This simple method can be a small but very effective step towards sustainable agriculture and can help in economic upliftment of poor farmers as well.
Keywords: mango, post harvest, botanical extracts, sustainable agriculture, economic upliftment

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