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Collapse of Garbage Mountains in Sri Lanka: Impact on Community
Mallika Rani Pinnawala

Last modified: 2017-09-12


In Sri Lanka, the garbage problem has become as one of the severe national issue that is growing parallel to the socioeconomic problems of the country. Especially in urban areas it causes many environmental, health as well as social problems since there is no national mechanism to manage garbage disposal. Local authorities dispose their   garbage on open land areas available and in the long-term accumulation of garbage often result in mountain shaped collections sometimes extending even to several hundred meters. These garbage mountains being unstable are a hazard to life of communities nearby.

This paper examines the collapsing of two Garbage dumps, namely, Meethotamula and Ambuluwawa situated respectively in the Western province and the Central province of Sri Lanka affecting neighboring communities. The main objective of this study is to understand the way collapse of these garbage sites impacted the surrounding community. The data for the study was collected mainly through the   anthropological data collecting tools such as in-depth discussions, interviews and observations. It also used secondary sources for instance newspaper reports, official report etc.

The study reveals that collapsing of garbage dump affects the community in various ways, namely, psychologically, economically and socially. Loss of life, displacement, loss of belongings and livelihood and interruption of education of children are some of the reasons for such distress


Key Words: Garbage dump , collapse  , community , Sri Lanka

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