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“Case Studies of Waste Segregation in the Kathmandu Valley: Success Stories and Implementation Challengesâ€
Phurpa Sherpa

Last modified: 2017-09-17


Solid waste management (SWM) in the Kathmandu Valley faces great challenges not only in the management system but also in gaining public awareness and participation of the people in managing solid waste. In order to improve the situations, some societies of Kathmandu Valley have adopted segregation at source. Through which they have made easier for the further processing of waste to manage.  Since 2066 B.S, this practice has successfully been implemented by private waste collectors like NEPCEMAC in Nagarjuna municipality with 1000 HHs ( Households) in the beginning and Government collectors like Bhaktapur Municipality since 2054 B.S  in their certain working areas with 150 HHs in the beginning.


Similarly, WEPCO and Panga are other private collectors. They have tried segregation at source but failed due to many obstacles. So, although the practice of segregation at source has been effectively implementing from many years the working area couldn’t increase so far. Hence, this  thesis focus on examining successful SWM programs in the valley as well as failed attempts. This research used tools from social science disciplines as well as some site visits, 30 household surveys, focus group interviews in local area, official meeting, consultations with government aid agencies, and a literature review.  Therefore, the purpose of this thesis is to assess the methods that have been tried in Kathmandu communities to maximize the segregation at source.


Key words- solid waste, segregation, failed attempt.


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