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Sustainable environmental friendly and safe health care waste management in Nepal
Mahesh Nakarmi, S Karmacharya, Prerana Dangol, P Basnet

Last modified: 2017-09-26


The waste generated from health care activities contains potential infectious waste, sharps, genotoxic,, heavy metals, radioactive, chemical and other hazardous waste. Because of its special complex nature it can cause direct and indirect impact to the environmental and public health if not managed properly. According to the Solid Waste Management Act, 2011 of Nepal, health care institutes are solely responsible for the management of their waste. Health care waste management is one of the highest priority agenda of Healthcare Foundation Nepal (HECAF). Various efforts are going on to solve this global problem. Previously incineration technology was in practice, but now this technology is phasing out due to its environment unfriendliness. WHO and other international health institution are promoting autoclave technology which is more environmental friendly and harmless. HECAF have been implementing this technology in various big and small health services of Nepal. The project concept that HECAF implements are Do No Harm Principle, Promotion of Non Burn Technology, Mercury free campaign, Injection safety and 3R Principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Moreover, HECAF being an active member of GAIA, it has been advocating Zero Waste concept  as well as implementing the Zero Waste Management system in Nepal.

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