Mountains in the Chaning World, Mountains in the Chaning World

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Urbiculture and Changing landscape of Darjeeling hill: Challenges and Management
Tapas Pal

Last modified: 2017-08-14


The Darjeeling Himalayan Ecosystem is one of the most endangered of life support systems on earth. In the shadow of the Himalayas live millions of inhabitants, who also happen to be amongst the poorest in the world. In the Darjeeling Himalayas the pressure of population on land and the corresponding increase in the demand for fuel and fodder have already denuded large tracts. The land resource degradation in particular has reached alarming proportions. The Darjeeling Himalayan Area is famous for tourism, tea, and timber, with tourism being its most important source of revenue. The area is, however, ecologically fragile and under severe pressure due to the demands made on environmental resources by growing tourist traffic and rapid urbanization. Environmental stress is evident from the degradation of forests and deforestation due to an increased demand for fuel wood and timber, air pollution because of an increasing reliance on motor vehicles, and lack of basic urban infrastructure such as water supply, sanitation, and solid waste management systems. Environmental degradation is adversely affecting Darjeeling. This paper will be to evaluate those problems arising out of unplanned urbanization using the secondary data from the Municipality of Darjeeling and the generated Primary Data, and to come out with relevant measures to counter those problems

Key words: Ecosystem, sanitation, solid waste management, Environmental stress.

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