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Slope failure assessment by kinematic analysis: A case study from Kulekhani watershed
Badal Pokharel, Prem Bahadur Thapa

Last modified: 2017-08-24


The study area lies in Kulekhani watershed and the area comprises of meta-sandstone, phyllite, schist, quartzite and marble. Most of the slopes in Kulekhani watershed are in steeper topography and many slope failures were happened in past decades. An analysis is carried out by Stereographic projection in-order to interpret the condition of rock slope instability. A detail study of landslide at Khanigaun of Thaha Municipality was done to know the probable hazard, risk and vulnerability in terms of critical slope failures. Rock discontinuities, ground water conditions, degree of weathering and strength of rock were quantified by dividing zones in sliding hill-slope. Kinematic analysis done in toe section, body of landslide and near the crown area of slope indicated for plane failure, wedge failure as well as toppling failure. The fracture in the top central part of the slope and several scarps hints for the near-future failure of the slope that can cause potential damage to Tribhuvan Rajpath.


Keywords: Slope failure, Hazard, Kinematic Analysis

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