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People’s perception on Climate Change in Gorkha District
seema baniya

Last modified: 2017-08-30


People’s perception on Climate Change in Gorkha District

Seema Baniya and Lal B Thapa

Central Department of Botany

Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal




Local peoples’ knowledge and perception is one of the important strategies to find out the scenario of climatic events and impacts.  As Nepal is one of the climate change impacted countries in the world, it is essential to carry out place or community based studies to gather information on climate change in Nepal. Gorkha is one of the greatly impacted district by climate change but the studies on people’s perception of climate change is scarce. A study was carried out in two villages of Gorkha Municipality, Gorkha by implementing a set of questionnaire to know the perception of local people on changing trend of climate. The local people have perceived increasing trend of temperature, extension of summer and reduction in the length of winter season. Late starting of monsoon, untimely rainfall, and reduction in the amount of rainfall was also reported. These changes have impacted crop cycle, productivity, crop diseases and postharvest loss. The amount of water has been reduced severely in the natural sources like well, spring and rivers. Similarly, the hail stone pattern, formation of dew, formation of fog and the strength of storms shows the changes in comparison to past 20 years. The local people have been trying to adapt with these changes by crop diversification, using chemical measured to control crop diseases and changing their livelihood strategies. Since the district is also seriously affected by 2015 earthquake it is recommended to focus the district for suitable adaptation measure.

Key words: Gorkha, climate change, adaptation, crop diversification

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