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Engineering Geological Features and Sedimentation Problems in Kulekhani Reservoir.
Akash Acharya, Dr. Prem Bahadur Thapa

Last modified: 2017-08-24


This paper mainly based on the engineering geological features and sedimentation problem in Kulekhani Reservoir. Study area mainly lies in the granitic terrain in the south & quartzite, schist followed by marble in the north. Due to highly impact of the 1993 central Nepal rainstorm the area got triggered by the numerous landslides, slope failures, debris flow and flood like disasters. The material provided by the disaster becomes the good source of construction material these days. The major impact in the Kulekhani reservoir by the intense sedimentation which makes the hydropower functionless. As it is heard sediment in the reservoir mainly was boulders to clays as suspended load, bed load and material from landslide and debris .Check dams (rigid and flexible), spurs, dikes were established in the major rivers like Palung Khola and Chitlang Khola after such loss for prevention and protection afterwards. Left bank of the reservoir is more stable due to the counter dip slope but the right bank is more susceptible of the slope failures because of the dip slope.

Keywords : Kulekhani Reservoir,1993 Central Nepal rainstorm, Disasters, Sedimentation.

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