Mountains in the Chaning World, Mountains in the Chaning World

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Last modified: 2017-08-20


Regmi N.1*, Ghimire B.1

1Ministry of Agricultural Development (MoAD), Government of Nepal,



The strong trends in climate change is already evident and  likelihood of further changes occurring and increasing scale of potential climate change impacts give urgency to addressing agricultural adaptation more coherently. There are many potential adaptation options available for marginal change of existing agricultural systems, often variations of existing climate risk management. This article examines current adaptation strategies developed by local farmers against climate change in two VDCs namely Arukharka .and Bhatkhola of Syangja District, Nepal. Research questions guided the study includes past and current climatic stresses, local farmers perceptions on climate change and responses to adverse climatic stresses. Data were collected through key informant interviews and household questionnaire interviews. Findings showed that 87 % of respondents felt the climatic stresses including increase of temperature, variation in rainfall patterns, increased in number of hotter days, landslides, droughts, pests and diseases. Due to these stresses farmers have developed farming and non-farming coping strategies. Farming strategies includes changes in crop management practices and planting methods where as non-farming strategies includes the use of forest products, livestock rearing, and remittances. Change in crop type, crop varieties, crop rotation, and planting methods like mulching, nursery raising, dense cropping of vegetables, intercropping, multi storied cropping, soil treatment, seed treatment, pit manuring, use of hailstone preventive nets and plastic tunneling techniques are adapted as resilience techniques against climatic stresses in the study area. The study recommends local adaptation strategies to be streamlined to relevant policies in order to enhance local farmers’ adaptive capacity and become helpful in facing both present and future climate change effects.

Key Words- Climate Change, Farmers, Stresses, Adaptation, Nepal

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