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Resource Productivity of Wheat Production in Kanchanpur District, Nepal
Vivek Bist, Sudip Adhikari, Nirmala Acharya, Suryamani Dhungana

Last modified: 2017-08-21


Wheat is the third most important cereal crop of Nepal both in terms of production and area of cultivation. However, the domestic wheat production cannot meet its national demand. In this context, a study was conducted to determine the profitability and productivity of wheat production in Kanchanpur district of Far-Western Nepal. A total of 120 wheat growing farmers were randomly selected and surveyed with a semi-structured questionnaire. Descriptive and statistical tools including Cobb-Douglas production function were used to analyse data. The benefit cost ratio (1.81) indicates that wheat production in the study area was profitable with productivity of 2.53 ton per ha. The magnitude of regression coefficient (0.24) implied that nutrient cost had significant positive effect on gross returns with estimated decreasing return to scale (0.28). Other costs like seed, human labour, tractor and bullock labour were not statistically significant. Extension of improved nutrient management technologies in sustainable manner is to be encouraged for increase in productivity and profit from wheat production.

Keywords: productivity, regression coefficient, Cobb-Douglas Production Function, B:C ratio, return to scale

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