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Application of Urease Utilizing Microbes to Solve the Dust Problem of Kathmandu Municipality
Sudarshan GC

Last modified: 2017-08-24


Road dust is composed of mud/dirt/sand and its emissions originate by wind blowing and vehicledriving on such loose material. Hence, in order to overcome this result, method ofbiomineralization can be used effectively. Application of urease producing microbes addressesthese problems as they can survive and grow in dust after the initial use with the addition of ureaand calcium chloride externally. Urease helps in mineralization of calcium carbonate byhydrolyzing added urea and using added calcium chloride. Produced calcium carbonate helps forbioclogging of dust making it difficult to get blown. Microbes isolated from sewage andconstruction site samples is tested for urea hydrolyzing capacities. Urease positive bacteria isused to biocement the dust in-vitro by incubating it for one week. The fine dust is found harderand heavier to get blown The presence of calcium carbonate is tested using “Acid test†.Thismethod is ecofriendly alternative approach to convention and current remediation technology tosolve the dust problem.

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