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farmers view on climate change: Rupandehi district
Kapil Khanal

Last modified: 2017-08-24


Three communities of three VDCs of Rupandehi district were selected for study. A semi structured questionnaire and secondary data were used in our study. Rainfall of Bhairahwa was in decreasing trend (1.944mm per year) whereas temperature was in increasing trend (max. temp. by 0.015 degree celsius and min. temp. by 0.061 degree celsius per year). In general there is increase in the yield of cereal crops whereas the yield of pulses, legumes and vegetables had declined. Either knowingly or unknowingly farmers practiced some sort of adaptation strategies that help to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Community awareness meetings and subsidy in agricultural implements are most required by the farmers. The lack of adequate knowledge to and appropriate adaptation strategies and low investment by governmental and nongovernmental organizations to cope with the climate change has increased the vulnerability and susceptibility to the changing climate and there is a need to address the suitable adaptation strategies to climate change in the study area.

Key-words: Climate change, farmers, temperature

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