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Disasters, resilience, and adaptation

Recurrent River Shift, Stream Bank Erosion and Livelihood Impacts on River Riparian in Triyuga Municipality
Bikram Manandhar, Laxmi Chaudhary

Biodiversity conservation

Mitochondrial DNA introgression among pikas (Ochotona)
Narayan Prasad Koju, Mukesh Kumar Chalise, Xuelong Jiang
Human -pika (Ochotona) interaction in Himalaya of Nepal
Narayan Prasad Koju, Mukesh Kumar Chalise, Randall Charles Kyes

Climate change

Effect of elevated CO2 on phenology and yield attributes of durum wheat in field trial
Bhimsen Chaulagain

Environmental pollution

Policies, Regulations and Institutions for Air Pollution Management in Nepal
Raju Chauhan, Rejina Maskey

Agriculture and agro-ecology

Factors Affecting the Adoption of Organic Vegetable Production by Nepalese Farmers: a Case of Kavre District
Tilak Raj Chaulagai

Sustainable livelihood

Production and marketing of rice in Naghlebhare, Kathmandu; An economic analysis.
Bidya Kiran Sapkota, Jay Prakash Dutta, Tilak Raj Chaulagain, Sanjiv Subedi

Symposium: Dendroecology and Dendroclimatology of Mountain Forests

Tree-ring studies of a central Himalayan Abies spectabilis treeline ecotone in Nepal
Niels Schwab, Ryszard J. Kaczka, Ram Prasad Chaudhary, Udo Schickhoff

Symposium: Sustainable waste management in developing countries

Mapping solid waste in the creeks of Cebu City: In search for technological solutions
Emmanuel Pacudan Crucio

Invited Talk/Lecture

Black carbon - Smoke in countries across Asia and megacities and determining its effects on climate change using nuclear analytical technologies
Andreas Markwitz, David Cohen, Bilkis A. Begum, Bangfa Ni, Sanjay K. Sahu, Muhayatun Santoso, Jong M. Lim, Shamsiah A. Rahman, Dagva Shagjjamba, Naila Siddique, Preciosa C.B. Pabroa, M.C. Shirani Seneviratne, Wanna Wimolwattanapun, Thu BacVuong