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Biodiversity conservation

Active compounds on TRP ion channels from W. glabra: a medicinal plant of Himalaya
Annamaria Giorgi, Angela Bassoli, Gigliola Borgonovo, Sara Panseri, Alessandra Manzo, Daniela Pentimalli, Aniello Schiano Moriello, Luciano De Petrocellis
Tree species composition at six forest types along an altitudinal gradient in a tropical wet evergreen forest of the Western Ghats, India: A Global hotspot
Anoop Das

Climate change

Perception, Determinants and Barriers to Adoption of Climate Change Adaptation Options among Nepalese Rice Farmers
Niranjan Devkota, Ram Kumar Phuyal, Durga Lal Shrestha
Severity of Climate Induced Drought and its Impact on Livelihood
Neekita Joshi, Robert Dongol
Climate change impacts and understanding of local community along Koshi Highway, Eastern Nepal
Sabitri Rai, Sadhana Pradhanang, Ngamindra Dahal
Potential Distribution of Snow Leopard Habitat Area in the Context of Climate Change: A Modeling Based Approach
Dr. Menaka Kumari Panta Neupane, Mr. Hari Basnet, Mr. Prabhat Raj Dahal, Mr. Sujan Khanal, Mr. Ayush Adhikari, Ms. Anu Rai, Mr. Gopal Raj Khanal
Areas of Glaciers and Glacial Lakes in North-Eastern Nepal studied with LANDSAT Imagery between 1992 and 2015
Prabhat Raj Dahal

Environmental pollution

A Model-ready Emission Inventory for Crop Residue Open Burning in the Context of Nepal
Bhupendra Das

Forest management

“Assessment of Variation in Selected Ecosystem Properties (Shorea robusta regeneration, leaf litter quantity and soil properties) due to Fire (A case study from Dhansar Block forest Rautahat, Nepal)"
Badri Prasad Dhungana

Soil, water and atmospheric research

Soil amendments and compost derived microbial tea to improve soil health, farm productivity, hence food security and generate carbon credits: A case study from Australia
Rhonda Clare Daly
Short Term Effect of Application of Fertilizers on Soil Organic Carbon and Wheat Yield in Mid-Hill of Gorkha
Sumana Devkota

Agriculture and agro-ecology

Soil Fertility Status Between Lowland (Khet) and Upland (Pakho Baari) of Gorkha District, Nepal
Ashok Kumar Shrestha, Binod Dawadi
Resource Productivity of Wheat Production in Kanchanpur District, Nepal
Vivek Bist, Sudip Adhikari, Nirmala Acharya, Suryamani Dhungana
Socio-economic analysis of wheat production in Kanchanpur district of Nepal
Vivek Bist, Sudip Adhikari, Nirmala Acharya, Suryamani Dhungana
Performance of wheat genotypes under Participatory Varietal Selection at mid-hills of Far-Western Development Region of Nepal
Bishal Dhakal, Keshav Prasad Shrestha, Bishnu Prasad Joshi

Sustainable livelihood

Production and marketing of rice in Naghlebhare, Kathmandu; An economic analysis.
Bidya Kiran Sapkota, Jay Prakash Dutta, Tilak Raj Chaulagain, Sanjiv Subedi

Citizen Science For a Sustainable Mountain Future

How to get and keep citizens and practitioners involved in participatory monitoring of hydrological systems?
Martine Rutten, Jeff Davids
Citizen Scientists Flow Measurements
Anusha Pandey, Jeffery Collins Davids, Nischal Devkota, Martine Rutten, Wessel David Van Oyen
Exploring Linkages between Ecological Stream Health, and Land-use in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Jeff Davids, Nischal Devkota, Petra Izbound, Anusha Pandey, Ram Devi Tachamo Shah, Deep Narayan Shah, Martine Rutten
Developing citizen scientists to benefit local communities through maintaining ecosystem health and climate resilience
Anjana Shakya, Allen Turner, Sarah Gray, Bhawani Dongol

Symposium: Dendroecology and Dendroclimatology of Mountain Forests

Dendrochronology for environmental change study in Nepal: an overview
Narayan Prasad Gaire, Ze-xin Fan, Yub Raj Dhakal, Prabina Rana, Dinesh Raj Bhuju, Santosh Kumar Shah

Symposium: Sustainable waste management in developing countries

Solid waste management practices at commercial level in Ghandruk, Nepal
Manoj Neupane, Mohan Bahadhur Dangi
Characterisation of Leachate and Its Impact on the Quality of Ground Water Nearby Lnadfill Sites of Kathmandu Valley
Rashmita Shakya, Basant Giri, Mohan Bahadur Dangi
Experience on Zero Waste Management Initiative in Nepal
Mahesh Nakarmi, Prerana Dangol, Urukshya Dongol, R Dumaru
Sustainable environmental friendly and safe health care waste management in Nepal
Mahesh Nakarmi, S Karmacharya, Prerana Dangol, P Basnet

Invited Talk/Lecture

Health and Climate Impacts of Rural Residential Energy Transition in China
Shu Tao, Muye Ru, Wei Du, Xi Zhu, Qirui Zhong