Presentations and Authors

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Biodiversity conservation

Plant community diversity-invasibility in the mountainous rangelands of northeast Iran
Sorour Rahmanian, Hamid Ejtehadi, Mohammad Farzam, Farshid Memariani
Spiny and allelopthic shrubs conserve 40 percent of species richness in Binalud Mountain Iran
Fatemeh Mohammadabadi, Mohammad Farzam, Hamid Ejtehadi, Reza Yari

Environmental pollution

Development of a low-cost pesticide detection method using paper-based analytical device and desktop spectrometer
Muna Fuyal, Basant Giri

Symposium: Dendroecology and Dendroclimatology of Mountain Forests

Dendrochronology for environmental change study in Nepal: an overview
Narayan Prasad Gaire, Ze-xin Fan, Yub Raj Dhakal, Prabina Rana, Dinesh Raj Bhuju, Santosh Kumar Shah

Symposium: Sustainable waste management in developing countries

Closing the loop – Role of anaerobic fermentation based biorefinery utilizing waste
Anish Ghimire, Vincenzo Luongo, Vincenzo Luongo, Luigi Frunzo, Luigi Frunzo, Francesco Pirozzi, Francesco Pirozzi, Giovanni Esposito, Giovanni Esposito
Wastewater management within circular economy model: current perspectives for Nepal
Anish Ghimire, Vincenzo Luongo, Luigi Frunzo

Invited Talk/Lecture

Integrating satellite-based remote sensing with ground observations to estimate daily evapotranspiration
Andrew N. French